There are many benefits of franchising and Gelatys knows it. That’s why buying cool business ideas like this is the fastest way to set up your own business without starting from scratch.  Therefore, we would like to show you some key points to make it a high-quality experience.

👉 Introducing a 100% Italian Artisan Gelato. It’s here to offer the opportunity to invest in a zero-risk business. All of that to base the business on a proven cool and a flavorful experience. When investing in a Gelatys franchise the risk of business failure is reduced. You can verify for yourself the product quality and the unique features you can offer to your future clients.

👉 Our products and services have a strong market platform around the US territory, therefore, there will be no need for market testing.

👉 You can use our eye-catching brand name and trademark to expand your business idea and turn Gelatys in one of the coolest business opportunities in the US.

👉 The support, the training, and the help set up the business are here for you like a manual telling you how to run the business and ongoing advice. That’s one of the best benefits of franchising Gelatys.

👉  Prior experience is not fundamental as the information you will receive from us ensures you the skills the staff will need to operate GELATYS.

👉 We enable a small, however unique gelato pops business to compete with big businesses. Due to Gelatys support and our easy-to-merchandise brand, making Gelatys a special brand among the business opportunities in the US.

👉 Exclusive rights by using Gelaty’s gelato pops name.

👉 Get all the benefits of communicating and sharing ideas with and receiving support from us.

👉 Relationships with suppliers are already established.


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With that being said, now it’s our turn to establish the “why us?”. We have multiple key options for you to start a franchise like a smooth sailing experience. We are in the cool business ideas territory that offers something fresh, unique and with a favorable future.

Gelatys is all about gelato pops that express color, multiple flavor sensations, and a trendy brand image, turning our brand into the business opportunities you can bet on.

Choose Gelatys, choose high-quality handmade gelato pops, and one of a kind flavors. Change the frozen dessert industry for once with the 60 flavors to choose from we offer, and each one of them belongs to our delicious categories or families: Creamy, Fruit, Yogurt, and Light.

If you want to more about the benefits of franchising Gelatys gelato pops, please, send us a message, we are here for you.

The opportunity is now! CHOOSE QUALITY, CHOOSE GELATYS.